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SAH SG6 Oscillator™

This product has been greatly anticipated by our customers and is being introduced for this winter’s season. The SAH-Oscillator™ works with SAH’s SG4 and SG6 snowmakers. This is not for use with the larger and more powerful SG7. By rotating your snowmaker 45° in each direction three major things happen. You have created a better microclimate for snow production. Therefore, you will be able to produce more snow! You are increasing your ground coverage. By allowing the snow to fall over a greater surface area, you have diminished the need to move your snowmaker to cover more of your yard. You will have a lighter and fluffier build up of snow. Because the oscillator prevents making a large “wale” of snow in the same area, you have reduced the compression from the snow’s own weight. Once again you have increased your overall snow volume!

*Operates on 2-D alkaline batteries for 24-48hrs of continuous use.

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For use with

SG6 X-Stream Snowmaker - Perfect snowmaker for most home snowmaking applications

SAH-SG6 Only $648
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SAH SG6 Oscillator
  Increases ground coverage while creating an enhanced microclimate for improved snow production
  The oscillator easily attaches to the SG6 snowmaker head and stand
  Quick release legs for easy compact storage
  Sand fill openings at leg insertion point to allow for additional sand weighting of the frame.
  Sandbag included
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