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Make tons of snow at home this winter with the 7.5 GPM Electric snowmaking pump/pressure washer.

When we designed the 6.0 GPM snowmaking pump we thought that would be the highest capacity pump our customers would want, we were wrong. Our customers demand the best and and so do we. If you want to make lots of snow in the shortest period of time this is the 7.5gpm Electric Snowmaking Pump is for you. At SAH™, integrity, quality and durability mean everything to us. We designed our own large pumps, utilizing superior components that could handle the strenuous demands of continuous use. We encourage you to compare our high flow pumps to any pressure washer pump on the market today. We know you will be amazed at the quality and value you are receiving.

The SAH electric pumps are ideal for when you want to make snow without the noise. A 220 volt outlet is required to operate our high volume pumps, but 35′ of cord and up to 200′ of high pressure extension hose can be used to get the snowmaker to the location you want. For night time snowmaking our 220volt pumps can’t be beat. For the best in remote and portable snowmaking applications check out our SAH 6.0 and 7.5 Gas snowmaking pumps.

When we couldn’t find a suitable pressure washer on the market that had the high water volume needed for snowmaking, SAH designed its line of snowmaking pumps/pressure washers. Here at SAH™, integrity, quality and durability mean everything to us. We designed our own large pumps, utilizing superior components that could handle the strenuous demands of continuous use. We encourage you to compare our high flow pumps to any pressure washer pump on the market today. We know you will be amazed at the quality and value you are receiving.

To make our snowmaking pumps work for you year round, you will want to consider adding the Pressure Washer Accessory Kit that has been custom matched to the flow and pressure associated with this pump. Tell your spouse that next summer you promise to clean the driveway, gutters, car, truck, deck, fence, the mold from the side of the house, and anything else she wants. When you pull the trigger on the lance hooked up to one of our large pumps for the first time we guaranty a smile, it’s impossible not to. You won’t mind taking on any cleaning job with these machines knowing you won’t have to pull out that little pressure washer you bought that looks more like a small vacuum cleaner(watch video). Once you clean with one of our high flow pumps, you will never use anything else.

The number one question we get at SNOWatHOME™ is “How much snow can I make?” Our answer is “How much water do you have?” Simply put, more water equals more snow. Our large pumps are designed to maximize the average home water supply to make the most snow possible in the shortest period of time. Before you purchase a large pump? Know Your Flow BEFORE You Make Snow! Make sure your home water supply can supply the pump with the water it demands, (click here for a guide).

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Pump Details: 7.5gpm Electric Snowmaking Pump

  • 7.5gpm Electric Snowmaking Pump
  • Rated for Industrial use.
  • 2000psi Max AR Industrial Triplex Pump
  • Machined brass head, die cast body
  • Solid ceramic plungers and connecting rod system for long life and durability
  • Oversized bearings assure proper shaft alignment and maximum life
  • High Pressure seals that tighten under load
  • Anodized cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation
  • Adjustable pressure unloader valve
  • Oil Lubricated
  • ¾” Female swivel garden inlet
  • 22mm Male output and a 22mm to quick connect (See Photos)
  • High pressure adapter included (to work with our extension hoses).
  • Lance Kit available to be used as a 7.1gpm @ 1300psi Pressure Washer

Electrical specs:

  • 5HP 220v Baldor Motor
  • Weather resistant, High Voltage on/off switch with cover.
  • Manual Reset Thermal Overload Protection Switch
  • 35’ 10 Gauge cord
  • 6-30P (plug) 10 gauge 220V with class A GFCI Plug
  • Requires 220V

Cart specs:

  • American Made
  • Aluminum mag wheels
  • Properly Balanced for easy mobility on any terrain
  • 12” tire with a full 4 ½” wide tread
  • Heavy duty black powder coated frame
  • Powder coated handles (front and rear)


  • 42” from handle to handle
  • 26” from outer tires
  • 23 ½” High

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Weight189 lbs

2000 psi



Power Source




Oil Lubricated




Lace Kit for Pressure Washer

Add 6/7.5 GPM Lance Kit (+$189)

Product Weight


Warranty and support

Please order with confidence. We guarantee that our Snowmakers will make real snow when the requirements of operation are completely followed. If you do not make snow, we will refund your money. If you have any questions about our products, or our guarantee, please call us anytime during business hours. We will be happy to speak with you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much snow do SAH™ snowmakers make?

The volume of snow produced depends on many variables. The two largest contributors however are the water volume and weather conditions. The only one you can control though is the volume of water you are pushing through your snowmaker. The higher the flow (GPM – gallons per minute) of your pressure washer the more snow you will make. With that in mind the SG4 works with pressure washers rated from 1.3gpm to 2.1gpm. The SG6 works with pressure washers rated from 1.3-2.5gpm and the SG7 is fully adjustable from 1.3gpm to 8.0gpm. Under good snowmaking weather conditions the SG4 combined with a 2.1gpm pressure washer can produce up to 60 cubic feet per hour, the SG6 with a 2.5gpm pump will make up to 80 cubic feet per hour and the SG7 with a 7.5gpm pump will make up to 225 cubic feet per hour. The best example we can give on how much snow can be made comes from photos our customers provided from past contests. Most entries show the result of one night of snowmaking. Buying Viewing the quick compare of the available SAH packages, you can evaluate which snowmaker and pump combination best suits your needs.

What weather conditions do I need to make snow?

In order to make snow you need freezing weather conditions, there is no way around this. Click Here to view our snowmaking weather chart and weather tool to determine if snowmaking is possible where you live.

What else is required to operate the snowmakers?

You will need a small, continuous duty, compressor for all three models. A compressor with the rating of 5.4CFM @ 90PSI will work with all our snowmakers. (See Compressor Ratings below) The SG4 works with pressure washers with a GPM (gallons per minute) rating of 1.3 to 2.1gpm. The SG6 works with pressure washers with a GPM (gallons per minute) rating of 1.3 to 2.5gpm. The SG7 is adjustable from 1.3 to 8.0gpm for high volume snow making. Click here for a quick compare.

Is a SNOWatHOME™ snowmaking system easy to set up?

Absolutely! Click here to watch our demonstration video to see how easy it is to set up a SAH™ snowmaking system.

Can I purchase a SNOWatHOME™ snowmaker locally?

Yes! We have several SNOWatHOME™ dealers located across the country and in Germany. You can find them here or on the dealer locator link located at the bottom of every page.

What is the cost of adding 220V outdoor power supply for the larger pumps?

Because the electric pumps are much quieter than the gas pumps, most customers want to purchase the electric option. However, many people don’t have a 220V power supply available where they would like to hook up their pump. To add one is as simple as a quick phone to your local electrician and have him perform the wiring for you. This is a relatively easy task and should run between $100-$150. A cost most will find to be nominal for the noise reduction benefit when running their snowmaker all night. If you are concerned that you will not be able to run your snowmaker far enough away from your house, consider adding a high pressure extension hose (available in 50′ and 100′ lengths).

What does it cost to operate the SG7 Snowmaking System?

If you are utilizing all electrical components for both the Pump and Air Compressor, the average cost is about $0.78 per hour. To break it down for you, both the 6gpm and 7.5gpm High Volume Pressure Washers require approximately 5.29kWh. The air compressor requires 1.8kWh. Figuring the average cost per kWh in the US as of January 2011 was 11 cents per kWh we have the following equation: (5.29kWh + 1.8kWh) x $0.11 = $0.78 per hour. If you know what your current electrical costs are you can plug it into the same equation for a more personal estimate.

What is the difference between internal and external mix snow makers, and which one makes more snow?

Internal mix snow makers operate by mixing compressed air and water inside the plumbing of the snow maker. This design does work but it has its drawbacks. One of the issues with this design is maintaining the air and water pressure balance to keep an even flow of water coming out of the snowmaker. This issue causes a reduction in efficiency. Another problem is the likelihood of having water flow back into the airline and doing permanent damage to your air compressor. Internal mix free plan designs can be found here.

External mix snow makers mix air and water outside the body of the snowmaker. This design eliminates most of the problems associated with internal mixing. External mixing completely eliminates the issue of water entering the air line because they are not connected. External mixing also utilizes the water and air more efficiently (less energy). The SNOWatHOME™ line of snowmakers and E-Type free plan design are all external mix designs.

I live in a warm climate area and want to make snow, what are my options?

Many warm areas still experience a few nights of freezing temperatures. As we say here at SAH, “It only takes one cold night to make a big pile of snow at home.” We recommend using our SAH Weather Tool to determine how many nights you could have made snow in the past to see if it is possible to make snow in your area. Unfortunately any snow maker we talk about on the web site will not work when the temperature is above freezing. There are very few options when it comes to making real snow in warm weather. The only method we know of is basically a process of shaving ice. Click here to see a company that does this process.

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Customer Testimonials

“THANK YOU for allowing me to love winter again! It has been a long 11 months since the pandemic started, and I honestly thought I had lost my ability to have fun. I honestly feel like a kid again! Anytime the temps are where they need to be I'm outside making snow. The thing is insane and the hill on the side of our home as piles and piles of snow on it for sledding. My neighbors think I'm nuts as I'm out there at all hours of the night and morning making snow and just standing there marveling at the thing. At one point the police stopped at my house as they thought something was wrong! Anyway, the system is great, it makes tons of snow, and the customer service is even better than the equipment. Thank you, Matt and the entire team, from SNOWatHOME for jump starting my fun again!"

– Geof Gutauskas

“Matt and Snow at Home have been overly accommodating with my first experiences making snow at home. Definitely a learning curve, but when I made a mistake, for example the air compressor falling over and breaking my air compressor hose, Matt sent out right away. Same when the air compressor arrived direct from Porter Cable and shipper forgot to include air intake valves/mufflers, Matt shipped some to me so I could use right away.Perfect product for a change of scene winter activity for the DIYer. Definitely requires understanding and patience (for correct weather conditions) but well worth the reward when conditions are correct.”

– Stuart

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Order with confidence! We guarantee that our Snowmakers will make real snow when the requirements of operation are completely followed. If you have any questions about our products, or our guarantee, please contact us anytime. We will be happy to speak with you.

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