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All of us here at SNOWatHOME™ have a passion for snow, we highly encourage anyone who feels the same way to experience how exciting snowmaking can be. This is why we make these free plans available to everyone, no matter what your budget, there is a snow maker for you.

Take some time to review each plan to determine which is the right project for you. Remember the most important component when building a snow maker is FUN!

Due to the nature of the free plans provided we do not offer technical advice on construction or operation on any of the free snowmaker plans listed above.

All free plans are for personal, non-commercial use, copyrighted plans are not to be used to sell a product or service. You may not copy, distribute, reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, upload, reuse, re-post, or otherwise display the Content for public or commercial purposes.

What does internal and external mix snow maker mean?

Internal mix snow makers operate by mixing compressed air and water inside the plumbing of the snow maker. This design does work but it has its drawbacks. One of the issues with this design is maintaining the air and water pressure balance to keep an even flow of water coming out the snowmaker, this issue causes a reduction in efficiency. Another problem is the likelihood of having water back into the airline and doing permanent damage to your air compressor. Choose from one of the Internal mix designs below.

External mix snow makers mix air and water outside the body of the snowmaker. This design eliminates most of the problems associated with internal mixing. External mixing completely eliminates the issue of water entering the air line because they are not connected. External mixing also utilizes the water and air more efficiently (less energy}. SAH™ utilizes External mixing for its line of SG Snowmakers™.

Our Guarantee

Order with confidence! We guarantee that our Snowmakers will make real snow when the requirements of operation are completely followed. If you have any questions about our products, or our guarantee, please contact us anytime. We will be happy to speak with you.

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