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NEW! SNOPRO™ Snowmaker SG6 X-stream Snowmaker™ SG7 X-stream Snowmaker™

Our Most Economical Snowmaker Ever!
New to snowmaking?
A great place to start


Perfect snowmaker for most home
 snowmaking applications



X-Stream™ snowmaking! Fully adjustable
 up to 6 times the snow output of the SG6


SNOPRO™ Snowmaking Package SG6™ Snowmaking Package SG7™ Snowmaking Package
SNOPRO Package

New this Season!
The most economical
snowmaking system ever available

From $848

SG6 Snowmaking Package

Complete snowmaking system
created to maximize the SG6
snowmaker's capabilities

From $1198

Complete Snowmaking system for
the SG7 snowmaker with your choice
of high volume snowmaking pump

From $2498

Pressure Washer / Pumps
1.3 GPM Electric Pressure Washer 1.6 GPM Electric Pressure Washer 2.1 GPM 120V Electric Pump

The perfect place to start
Chosen specifically for the SNOPRO™


When waterflow's an issue.
Perfect for the SNOPRO
and SG6 Snowmakers.


Built for Industrial use
Perfect for those marathon
snow-making sessions


 The following pressure washers are for use with the SG7 X-Stream™ Snowmaker
4.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer 6 GPM Gas Pump 6 GPM Electric Pump
4GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Professional 4gpm @4200psi
Gas Pressure Washer
Compatible with the SG7 snowmaker


6gpm Gas Pump

SAH High Volume (6gpm) Gas
snowmaking pump/pressure washer


6gpm Electric Pump

SAH High Volume (6gpm) Electric
snowmaking pump/pressure washer


7.5 GPM Gas Pump 7.5 GPM Electric Pump Sprinkler Booster Pump
7.5 Gas Pump

SAH High Volume (7.5gpm) Gas
snowmaking pump/pressure washer


7.5 Electric Pump

SAH High Volume (7.5gpm) Electric
 snowmaking pump/pressure washer


Sprinkler Booster Pump

Sourcing water from a pond or stream?
A Booster Pump is needed!


4.4 cfm Electric Air Compressor 5.5 cfm Electric Air Compressor 13 cfm Gas Air Compressor
Snowathome air compressor

A small compressor that really delivers.
Only for use with SNOPRO™


Snowathome air compressor

 Incredibly quiet industrial compressor
 that will run for days on end!


For the ultimate in portable snow making!


Nozzle Kits
Internal Mix Nozzle Kit External Mix Nozzle Kit  

The perfect combination of nozzles and
adapter for the SG2 Internal Mix
design snowmaker!


 SAH exclusive snowmaking nozzles
 for use with SG3 E-Type Plans



Water Filter Blow Out Tool Pressure Washer Quick Connect
Water Filter

In-line water filter to protect
 your pump investment


An absolute necessity
 to prevent freezing hoses


Weather Station

22mm to 3/8" quick connect for
your pressure washer


Pressure Washer Accessory Kit
with 50' Extension Hose
50' High Pressure Extension Hose 100' High Pressure Extension Hose

Use your 6 or 7.5gpm snowmaking pump
 year round by turning it into a
 High Flow Pressure washer


For extending the snowmaking distance
 from our 6 and 7.5gpm pumps


 For extending the snowmaking distance
 even further from our
 6 and 7.5gpm pumps


SNOPRO™ Light Kit Oscillator for SG6 SAH™ Aluminum Stand
Learn to Freeride

Shed some light when making
snow with the SNOPRO™


Increase coverage area
and maximize snow volume of your
SG6 X-Stream Snowmaker


Aluminum Stand

SAH™ exclusive Aluminum Stand
upgrade for SG4™ and SG5™ Snowmakers


Artificial Snowmaker
SAH Blizzard Wizard 8oz Concentrate 4 pack of Concentrate

Blizzard Wizard

Create realistic falling snow
regardless of temperature



8oz concentrate

8oz Concentrate makes
1 Gallon of Snow Fluid


4pk of Concentrate
Buy in Bulk for Savings


SAH™ Apparel
SAH Snow Crew T Ambigram T-Shirt Hoodies

Snow Crew T-Shirt

SAH™ Snow Crew T's

*Back Shown

Ambigram TShirt

SNOWatHOME Ski - Ride
Ambigram T-Shirt

*Back Shown

Just in time for the Holidays!
SAH™ Hoodies


Jibs for Cribs
How Does it Work?
  1. Begin with a Starter System (Box or Rail)
  2. Add Extensions to grow your System or Hinges to Kink it!
  3. Always finish with an end
  4. Adjust the telescoping leg height to suit the terrain
    and skill level of the rider

For complete information visit

Starter SystemsPackagesExtensions/Hinges/EndsAccessoriesSnowmaking Products
Starter Systems
Jibs for Cribs™ Starter Box Jibs for Cribs™ Starter Rail
Jib Box

Jibs for Cribs
10 Foot Starter Box

Jib Rail

Jibs for Cribs
10 Foot Starter Rail

Box Packages SOLD OUT
Double Flat Box 2.1 Box 3.2
Jibs for Cribs 18 Foot Double Box

18 Foot Straight Box
Contains 2 Flats and Ends


Jibs for Cribs 2.1 Box Package

20 Foot Kinked Box
Contains 2 Flats, 1 Hinged Kink and Ends


Jibs for Cribs 3.2 Box Package

30 Foot Kinked Box
Contains 3 Flats, 2 Hinged Kink and Ends
Converts to a Perfect Battleship!


Rail Packages
Double Rail Triple Rail  

18 Foot Straight Rail
Contains 2 Straights and Ends



26 Foot Straight Box
Contains 3 Straights and Ends





NEW! Park in a Box
  Huge Savings on Park Packages!
Jibs for Cribs™ Mini Park Jibs for Cribs™ Perfect Day
Mini Park

Jibs for Cribs
Mini Park
Includes Starter Box and Rail


Jib Rail

Jibs for Cribs
Perfect Day Park
Includes a Double Rail and 2.1 Box


Extensions • Hinges • Ends
Jibs for Cribs ™ Boxes
Rounded Ends 8 Foot Flat Extension Hinging Kinks

Designing your own System?
Separating a package into individual Boxes?
Don't forget the Ends!


Grow your Box with
8 Foot Extensions



Kink your Box with a
Full Range of Motion


Jibs for Cribs ™ Rails
Angled Ends 8 Foot Straight Rail Extension Hinging Kinks

Angled Ends make for easy transitions
All jibs must have ends to function independantly


Grow your Rail.
8 foot extensions mean any length is possible




Lube Tube for Kinks Replacement Pins Sanding Brush
Coming Soon

When it's time to lubricate the hinged
kinks, this grease gun does the trick!


Coming Soon

Replacement Pins for the adjustable legs,
make quick changes a snap!


Make easy work of cleaning out the ends
during yearly maintenance on your box or rail.


Pimp It! Light Kit Personalized Banners / Skirting

Light up your box or rail for those late night sessions

Coming Soon!

Promote your Event!
Personalize your system with custom banners

Call for Pricing (860) 584-2991

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