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Blizzard Wizard Artificial Snow Maker

SAH is proud to announce the BW-1250 artificial evaporative snow machine. These types of machines are primarily used to create the effect of falling snow. Our artificial snow machines are used for a wide variety of applications, stage, holiday parties, photo shoots, parade floats, frozen parties, weddings and special events. This very realistic effect is best achieved by setting the machine up in a high location (ideally 10’ minimum) allowing for maximum float time. A small fan can be added to increase the distance the flakes travel.

There are several brands and types of artificial snow machines on the market. One thing that most manufactures do not talk about is sound. Most evaporative snow machines are loud, even some that claim to be quiet. Our BW-1250 model is 63db at 10’, the average sound level for these machines, and best for applications where sound is not an issue. This would be similar to a dryer. If you need quieter operation, you may want to consider the BW-Silent (50db at 10’ and the quietest evaporative snow machine sold today).

The BW-1250 DMX snow machine has a spray distance of 25 to 30’ (based on a machine height of 10’ at a 45deg angle). Its Features include: Low/High Fan speed, 10’ wired remote that controls snow volume, an On/Off control and DMX inputs making our machines perfect for DJ applications. 2.3 Liter removable snow fluid tank.

Our Blizzard Wizard fluid produces a small “sud” like flakes that looks and falls identical to real snow. The flakes dissipate and dissolve quickly leaving no residue or staining. The formula is water based – we do NOT recommend using an alcohol based solution in your machine. The specially formulated Blizzard Wizard fluid is the best in the industry, created and produced right at our headquarters in Connecticut. We provide one 8 ounce concentrate with each snowmaker to get you started – enough to make one gallon of fluid.


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  8oz Blizzard Wizard Concentrate - makes 1 Gallon BW-CONC Only $16.00
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  4 Pack of Concentrate for Savings! - makes 4 Gallons BW-CNC4 Only $60.00
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  • High Output Artificial Snow Machine
  • Adjustable Bracket to Hang Mount the Unit
  • Two Speed Blower
  • 10' Wireed Remote with on/off Switch and Variable Flake Volume Control
  • One 8oz Blizzard Wizard Concentrate included with every Blizzard Wizard to get you started (makes 1 Gallon Fluid)


  • Dimensions: 20"L x 12.5"W x 11"H
  • Weight: 21.5 lbs
  • 2.3 Liter Removable Fluid Reservoir (approx. 0.6 gallon)
  • 4' Power Cord (110V)
  • 62dB at 10 feet (3m)

Fluid Consumption (1 gallon):

  • Low: up to 10 hours
  • Medium: up to 6 hours
  • High: up to 2 hours
  • *One 8oz concentrate (makes one gallon fluid) included with purchase

Blizzard Wizard S1250

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Wired Remote


Blizzard Wizard Concentrate

Concentrate also available as a 4 pack

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