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SG4 UBuild Kit™

Build your own professinal snowmaker! Are you looking for a professional home snowmaker but you’re working on a tight budget? The SG4-LED-U-Build™ Kit is for you. Save time and money searching for all the bits and pieces required to build a snowmaker. We have included everything you need, right down to the Teflon tape. In approximately 1-4 hours you will have put together a snowmaker that makes 60 cubic feet of snow an hour using a 2.0gpm pressure washer (maximum). That will easily cover a 50’x20’ yard in 6” of snow in 8 hours! A great present that promotes family time together.

If you would like to save time, SNOWatHOME™ will assemble your SG4™ snowmaker for an additional $75.

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SG4 U-Build Kit™ includes:

Snowmaking Head

  • All the internal components necessary right down to the roll of teflon tape to build a fully functioning SG4™ snow maker, complete with LED assembly for plume illumination.
  • A precision machined, aluminum housing helps insure the proper alignment and spacing of all nozzles, while protecting the internal structure from the elements.
  •  Full color detailed instructions with photos showing the step by step assembly.
  • Color may vary from picture.


  • It has taken years of research utilizing everything from flow meters to microbolometers to be able to design the ULTIMATE home snow making nozzle. Based on our findings we have precision nozzles that are now manufactured specifically for SAH. We have included two of these upper misting nozzles in the U-Build Kit.
  • Because this is an external mix snowmaker, we have also included a nucleation nozzle, an incredibly complex nozzle to create the exact self-regulating requirements for the perfect seeding conditions


  • Two, ten foot, 3000psi, high pressure hoses, for air and water.
  • The air hose comes with a removable, ¼” NPT, quick connect air adapter making it compatible with SAH’s™ 5.4cfm air compressor and most other compressors on the market.
  • The water hose comes with a 22mm pressure washer adapter.

SAH Aluminum Stand

  • This stand has been designed for safety, stability, and to handle the demands of our new snowmakers.
  • Ratcheting gear lock system for adjustable head angle position
  • Quick release legs for easy compact storage, with an opening at the insertion point that allows for additional sand weighting of the frame.
  • Constructed of 2” diameter anodized aluminum tube


Requirements for Operation:

  • Temperature  29° Fahrenheit / -2°Celsius or less. See SAH Snowmaking Chart.
  • Air Compressor - electric or gas:  rated for continuous use (not oil free) with a minimum output of 5.4CFM at 90PSI. (Minimum maintained operation pressure of 50psi) SNOWatHOME™ recommends the SAH-5490AC 5.4 CFM Air Compressor.
  • Pressure Washer - any electric or gas: rated from 1.3GPM to 2.1GPM (more water equals more snow) with a pressure range of 1200psi to 2500psi.
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