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Internal Mix Nozzle Kit™

For those using the free plans on our web site, our Internal Design Nozzle Kit™ gives you the nozzles and adapter needed to build an internal mix snow maker. The most crucial part of building a snowmaker is utilizing the proper snow making (not pressure washing) nozzles.

How important is your nozzle choice?

The function of misting nozzles is often misunderstood. Many people think that a nozzle is simply a way to direct a stream of water. In snow making this is not the case. A nozzle must do the following:

  • Form the correct droplet size
  • Form the correct spray pattern
  • Allow for the proper distancing between droplets
  • Allow for proper cloud density without reducing rate of evaporation
  • Proper water turbulence upon leaving the orifice


In addition when dealing with snowmaking for home use there are even more factors to consider. It has taken years of research utilizing everything from flow meters to tr to be able to design the ULTIMATE home snow making nozzle. Based on our findings we have precision nozzles that are now manufactured specifically for SAH.


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  All nozzles have 1/8inch NPT thread.
  This nozzle kit includes:
  • 2 stainless steel snow making upper misting nozzles
  • 1 custom, stainless steel, precision air nozzle
  • 1 pressure washer adapter
  • 1 set of design plans for an internal mix snowmaker (plans can also be found here)
    Internal Mix Free Plans    
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  For Use with SG2 Combo Free Plans    
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