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SNOWatHOME 2.5 GPM heavy duty pump
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Heavy Industrial AR 2.5 GPM Electric Pump

A step above! Perfect for the SG6 X-stream snowmaker™ this 2.5gpm pressure washer is built for heavy industrial use and will perform perfectly even during those marathon snow-making sessions. This pump is built to last even under the most strenuous conditions. Small and Compact,like the light industrial model, additional features (such as the fan cooled induction motor) add to the weight. Weighing in at 62 pounds, this is a serious piece of equipment. Built in detergent suction and the lance kit option can take this from a snowmaking pump to pressure washing cleaning machine! These pumps are made for years of use with replaceable valves unlike home pressure washers which are considered "disposable". Thanks to our buying power, we are very pleased to be able to offer such a quaity pump to you at an incredible savings. Make snow at home this winter with the 2.5 Heavy Industrial pump by AR.


110 Volt 25 AMP Circuit Required
MSRP $1120.
Item #SAH-25EP
Only $698.00
This item Does NOT ship outside the US
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2.5 GPM 110V 25AMP Electric Pump

2.5gpm @ 1900psi


Rated for Heavy Industrial use.


2.0 Hp 19Amp fan cooled induction motor

  2.5gpm AR Pump has a brass head, die cast body, solid ceramic plungers and connecting rod system for long life and durability.
  Easily replaceable valves, forged crankshaft, and roller bearings.
  Fan cooled induction motor.

Anodized cooling fins for maximum heat dissipation.


Comes with integrated pressure gauge and adjustable pressure control.


Oil Lubricated.


Built in detergent suction


Thermal Switch with auto shut-off when temperature exceeds acceptable limits.


Requires 110V on a 25AMP Circuit




Pressure washer lance kit available



SNOWatHOME 2.5 GPM heavy duty pump    
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