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Blizzard Wizard Concentrate

Our Blizzard Wizard fluid produces a small "sud" like flakes that looks and falls identical to real snow. The flakes dissipate and dissolve quickly leaving no residue or staining. The formula is water based - we do NOT recommend using an alcohol based solution in your machine. The specially formulated Blizzard Wizard fluid is the best in the industry, created and produced right at our headquarters in Connecticut. We ship the concentrate, you supply the distilled water and save on shipping.

Available in Single and four pack options.


Only $16.00ea
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  • One 8oz Blizzard Wizard Concentrated Snowmaking Fluid makes 1 Gallon of Fluid
  • Alcohol Free Formula! Safe for the environment
  • No offensive alcohol smell filling the air when making snow.
  8oz Blizzard Wizard Concentrate Blizzard Wizard Concentrate
  Single 8 oz Concentrate
Makes 1 Gallon
4 Pack of Concentrate
Makes 4 Gallons
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8oz Conc. - $16
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  Blizzard Wizard Concentrate

4 pack - $60
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