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SNOWatHOME™ Affiliate Program

So many of our customers have called to tell us they can’t get over the response they get when making snow. Neighbors, friends, PTA committees, town sledding hills and winter carnivals, not to mention those small business owners running winter promotions, they all want to be part of the snow making phenomenon!

SNOWatHOME wants to thank you for spreading the word.


How does the SAH Affiliate Program work??

1. Become an SAH Affiliate.
2. Save your friends and customers money on SAH products by handing out your discount coupon code.
3. Log in to the affiliate partner zone to track your commissions.


How do I become an SAH Affiliate?

1. Click Here to fill out a short form.

2. Once you have been approved for the SAH Affiliate Program, you will be granted access to the partner area of the web site. At that time you will be able to view a coupon code(s) that has been generated exclusively for you (Select coupon codes from the partner zone menu). SAH will send you sales flyers with your affiliate code). When a customer uses this discount code to place an order, it is automatically tracked and your commission is calculated.

*Please keep in mind, this program is to show our appreciation for our customers that are spreading the word. Only SAH's customers are eligible to participate in this program at this time.


How Much Will I Earn?

SAH Customer Affiliates earn 5% commission on the net sale.

For Example: If someone were to buy an SG7 Snowmaking System with a 6gpm gas pump and a 13cfm gas compressor (our most popular item), your commission would be :
System Price: $4287
Discount Coupon: $25
Sale Total: $4262
Your Commission: 5% on $4262 = $213.10 Just for offering someone your discount!

Commissions are paid on the last day of the following month after completion of sale. For example, if a sale is completed on October 20th, the commission will be paid Nov. 30th. This allows for fewer transactions, and accounts for any possible returns. Commissions will be paid on the final value of the sales transaction (shipping and handling is not included). Your future personal purchases will not be eligible for a commission.


How can I track my commissions?

Once you are an approved affiliate log in to the affiliate partner zone. Make the following menu selections:
- Referred sales will display your sales and associated commissions.


I own a business, Can I participate in this program too?

Absolutely! Because there are many different package options, it can be hard to know what items to stock. We have several retailer options designed specifically for you. Email for more information.


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