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*Shown with 5.4cfm Electric Compressor and 6gpm gas pump

SG7 Ultimate Package™

The SG7 X-Stream™ Ultimate Snow Making Package contains everything you need, and everything you want when making snow. This package saves you nearly $260 over purchasing the components individually. You will receive everything from the Basic package PLUS a SAH Oscillator™ to increase your snowmaking disbursement and microclimate, a SAH Blow-Out Tool™ to remove water from your snowmaking system and prevent destructive freezing issues, In-Line Water Filter to prevent sediment and filtrates from entering your pump, 2500psi Lance kit with 36” wand and 50’ of extension hose, an additional 100’ of High Pressure Extension Hose enabling you to move your snowmaker around the yard without having to relocate your pump.
Know Your Flow BEFORE You Make Snow!™ SAH highly recommends testing your water flow in gpm from your water source before choosing your pump. Your pump choice in combination with the SG7 X-Stream™ snow maker and High-Flow Nozzles, will determine how much snow you can make. With the SAH™ 6gpm pumps you can create up to 180 ft³/hr or enough to cover approx. 100’x30’ in 6” of snow in 8 hours. With the SAH™ 7.5gpm pumps you can create up to 225 ft³/hr or enough to cover approx. 150’x25’ in 6” of snow in 8 hours.

View a 3D interactive model of the new SG7 X-stream snowmaker™ .
(click and drag right left to rotate, click and drag down for top view)

High Speed Connection Dial-Up Connection



Watch our demonstration video to see how easy it is to set up a SAH™ snowmaking system.
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Weather Station   Wireless weather station with temperature and humidity alarms. Links to your PC SAH-WSTN Only $79.95
SG7 Ultimate Package™
  Included with this package:


    Your Choice of:


    Your Choice of compressor:

    *Choose pump and compressor in cart


    Our Suggestions:

    If you are looking for portability, and the ability to make snow at a distance from a power source, consider choosing gas components.

    If you are looking for quiet operation because you live in a neighborhood or do not want to refill the gas tanks during operation, choose electrical components.


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  *Shown with Gas pump
(pump choice for this package is made in cart)

*Shown with Electric pump
(pump choice for this package is made in cart)

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