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New SNOWatHOME website is launched



We have some exciting new products and content. The following is some of the new features and products you can find on the site.

  • SNOWatHOME has developed the worlds first snowmaking weather tool. This powerful tool displays live localized snowmaking weather information to determine when snowmaking is possible were you live. This tool also tells you how many days you could have made snow last year.
  • At the request of many customers we have designed a 6GPM snowmaking pump that will maximize the capabilities of the SG5-LED snowmaker. This pump is awesome!
  • We have added some new free plans to the site showing some of our earlier snowmaker designs. To aid in construction of one of the new designs we have added a new nozzle kit. SNOWatHOME has become the default website for the do it yourselfer entering into the exciting world of home snowmaking.


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