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And the Winner is...

Burton SNOWatHOME Winner
Image of "Stuck in Ohio" from the Burton Website

BURTON / SNOWatHOME Video Contest Winner Announced


"Stuck in Ohio" by Dan Mizcko will receive a complete SG7 Snowmaking system courtesy of SNOWatHOME for his entry in the Burton / SNOWatHOME contest. Click the image above to view all the entries.


After taking a long hard look at all the entries to the video contest, winners were chosen based on the following criteria: creativity/uniqueness of snow feature; quality of execution, and creativity/uniqueness of video. Every video had its own flavor and it was obvious choosing a winner was not an easy task. It looks like Burton wanted to make sure some props went out and give some "parting gifts" as they put it. Here's the official "winners" from Burton:

Overall Winner- “Stuck in Ohio.”
-SG7 Snow Making System

Runner Up- “York Town”
-A Snowboard (it’s a surprise)

Most Original Setup- “Party Town”
-Lil’ Buddy

Most Viewed Video- “In Sam’s Backyard”
-420 Kit(s)

Best Session Vibe- “Legit Hirshy Lab”
-A few random things from team closet

Most Extreme trick/ Most Extreme Bail- Double Backy, and mega gap to back plant in “The Hill”
-Couple helmets

Best Camera Work- Dolly shots in “VegHead Barn”
-F-stop pack

Best Feature- Stair set in “Matts Backyard”
- Fingerboard park setup

Most Likely to Become Professional RollerBladers- “All We Need Is…”
-Autographed photo of Toby

Best Shitty Animation- The intro for “Battlefield”
-Box of colored pencils

Worst Natural Distaster- The flood in “Jugg City”
-Something Gore-Tex

Worst Music- “Mini Park”
-Box of CD’s from Frankie's desk

Worst Video- “Snow at the Office”





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