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SNOWatHOME’s Discovery Channel Debut


The theme of the party was "Doctor Zhivago" (a winter theme). The producers were looking for a way to produce some snow in the yard of the home hosting the party since there was no snow in New Jersey at the time. They looked at many different artificial snow options but none of them had the punch they were looking for. Then they found us, we agreed to travel to the location and make it snow in Jersey.

We used one of our production SG4-LEDs to cover the front lawn of the home with 5" of snow. The producers were blown away when they showed up in the morning for the filming of the episode.

We had a lot of fun with our field trip to New Jersey and working with David Tutera (show host) and the producers from the discovery channel.

The episode of this show is called "Doctor Zhivago-a-go-go" the air date was Monday 4/4/05.

Click here to view our Discovery Channel Debut.


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