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The Walker Family

Living along the South Jersey coast we very rarely see a snowstorm. Usually it will start as snow but quickly change to rain. Not this year. Thanks to my SG4 we were able to have snow all season long. At one point we had an area of 40 x 100 covered in about 39 inches of snow. My kids loved it so much that my daughter decided to make her birthday party a snow party. Her birthday was March 12.

Unfortunately the week before her birthday it was very warm (near 70). We weren't able to have it. Luckily we had a pre (birthday) party. We called it the "pizza, snow party by the palm tree (look closely to see the palm tree)."The kids had so much fun that we continued it late in to the night with our outdoor fire ring to keep us warm.

Thank you so much for making such an incredible machine. It is awesome and we love being the talk of the town.

The Walkers (Barry, Traci, Kelsi and Little Barry)


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