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Robert Venturo

Clara Jane's Winter Wonderland Party

by Robert Venturo

 My daughter Clara Jane turned two years old on January 17, 2005. My Wife, Kelley and I, had planned a big party for her first birthday, but Kelley got sick and was unfortunately in the hospital for Clara’s first birthday. 

We decided to have a huge party for her second birthday, to make up for the lack of one on her first. Since her birthday is smack in the middle of the Winter, we decided to have a theme and call it Clara’s “Winter Wonderland Party.” We assumed we would have at least some snow on the ground, since we typically do in the middle of January in New York.

On New Years Day 2005, as the temperature creeped above 60 degrees, we grew concerned that the snow we typically would have, may not arrive in time for this event. I searched the internet, hoping to perhaps rent a snowmaking gun  in time for the event. Luckily to my surprise, I found the SG-4  at Snow at I could actually make snow at home! Although I was initially thrilled, I was somewhat skeptical.  It seemed too good to be true, but was exactly what would make this party work.

I quickly ordered it, and it arrived the very next day. I put it together, along with the compressor and pressure washer that had been recommended to me through the website. In was ready to go. However, there was a big problem. With only three days left before the party, it was still not cold enough for snowmaking. The forecast was favorable for the immediate two days before the party. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

With two nights to go, I got everything ready. I  cranked everything up when the temperature fell below 30 degrees. However, I was disappointed, because the machine didn’t seem to be producing snow. I was in a panic. I made a series of calls to the “guys” at They were simply amazing;  Smart, honest, available, and very knowledgeable. I learned that although the temperature had fallen well below freezing, the humidity was around 85% and made for poor snowmaking. The forecast predicted that an artic front would finally move in and not only reduce the temperature, but lower the humidity.

I had only one night left to save my daughters party. This had to work. That afternoon, I cranked up the system. The Wet bulb temperature was perfect and  with Matt’s last minute guidance, (thanks again Matt!)  It snowed…..!!!!!!!

It snowed all night.  By the time the party started the next afternoon, I had between one and three feet of the white stuff. New York had scarcely a snowflake this Winter, at least up until the party on January 16, 2005. You should have seen the faces of the 19 one to seven year olds that arrived at our home that afternoon.  They couldn’t believe their eyes. Neither could their parents!! Just look at these photos that I have attached. The children went on Tractor rides on the lawn part of my backyard, and tube and sleigh rides on the snowed in part. It was truly amazing!

Thank you for helping to provide this precious experience for my Family. I look forward to many years of enjoyment with my snow making machine.


Rob Venturo

Eastport,  New York

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