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Dave Petersen


Let me start out by saying I am passionate about making snow! Being an avid skier and winter lover, I want to look out my window here in Omaha, NE and see at least some snow the entire season. I purchased my SG4-LED in January 2006. Every chance the weather cooperates, I am out there making snow regardless of the time. I have even set my alarm clock to get up early and catch some of of the beautiful cold, windless early mornings. My 8 year old son tells me he enjoys when I make it in the evenings because e likes going out on the front porch in his pajamas to watch.

This winter season, early to mid November was my first snowmaking session. I got up early one chilly fall day and made for about an hour. The last day of November is when the perfect conditions hit. I made snow during the morning in the shade of my house for a couple days. It didn't even feel cold out, but the humidity was low, and the temps were just right. I filled my entire front lawn with a pretty deep layer of snow. It was even two to three feet deep in spots! The snow made quite the accent for my Christmas light display. The neighborhood kids were amazed!

One evening, a reporter from the local news (KATV) showed up at our door. He wanted to do a story, so both my son and I made it on the news. The funny thing about it, from there the story ended up on The Weather Channel and also in USA Today.

The first two weeks of 2007 have been unusually warm and here in Omaha. Fortunately, I still have a pile of snow left in my yard (I covered my snow with plastic tarps during a two day downpour). The good news is frigid temps are forecast to hit in the next couple of days. I promised my son I would make a monster pile of snow to ski and sled down. He even wants to build an igloo.

Thanks SNOWatHOME,

Dave Petersen Omaha, NE

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