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Andrew Cassel

Hi, my name is Andrew Cassel, I live in Sagaponack on eastern Long Island. I’m 13 years old and I love to make snow. It all started about 2 winters ago. It had snowed a lot which is great because I like to make a sledding run in my backyard. But after lifting all the snow from different areas in my yard to make the sledding run very deep, I got very tired. I also love to ski and I remembered the big snow making machines they have on the mountains and how I wanted one. Because if I had one, I would be able to make snow in the area I want to and I wouldn’t have to carry the snow very far.

 I asked my dad if he knew about making snow and he said “he knew nothing”. But this didn’t stop me from looking for information on make snow. I went right on to the computer and started looking and found 2 results. The first one was called Backyard Blizzard and I was so happy to find this but as soon as I saw the price of it, I knew I would never be able to get a snow making machine if they all cost this much.

I continued looking and then I came to which was so cool to find. I found the SG4. It looked so cool but I couldn’t afford it, I was very disappointed but then no sooner I saw that you can make your own snow machine. I clicked on it and it told me that I could make snow with an internal mix but I would need a big compressor. I couldn’t afford a big compressor either so I just bought the compressor that you need for the SG4 (I was thinking ahead that maybe someday I will get the SG4). I spent all my money that I had made that summer working on an apple and pumpkin farm to get this compressor.

I thought that I was ready to make snow but my dad read something I had not read about, I needed a pressure washer. Luckily Christmas was very close so I got an early present from my parents. The snow machine I had made was ok but it was spitting water so it made a little wet snow but a lot of icy grass. My dad and I had designed many different nozzles to make it better and then we made the right size nozzle.

In January it was very cold so I made some snow but it didn’t follow the snow making chart because the compressor size caused it to be colder then it needed to be. Spring had come around and snow making was over and then school was over and summer was here. I had worked very hard to get a job and finally got one. I worked from the week after school was out until November 13, 2005.

Over the summer I had worked 2 jobs, one as a cashier and another at a corn maze. By the time the first job was over I had made enough money to get the SG4 and you guys had just made the new stand that was perfect for where I live. I talked to you on email and later my dad called you up to order the snow making machine. I was so happy to finally be able to make a lot of non icy snow.

Later that week, the SG4 you build kit had come and I was so excited. My dad had been helping me all the way through this process of getting this snow machine. So at the end of August we had started to build the snow making machine. Everything had gone good until we got to the LCD lights. We had burned the battery wire that supplies the lights. I was so scared that the machine was not going to work but my dad and I went to Napa Auto parts and got the new switch to make the light work.

After we had finished setting up the machine, my dad called you about a few things and you said you would have given us a new switch, which was very nice. It had been a success. The lights had worked and later that day we tried it out and it was so cool to see how much water it put out with a really fine mist instead of working like my other snow machine.

As winter had begun it started to get colder and colder outside. Finally, I was able to test my machine out on the 18th of November. I had made about 24 inches in about 10 hours and I was so amazed to see how much more snow the SG4 puts out (way more then double). I had moved the snow onto my deck but this time I only had to walk a few steeps. Later on we went sledding off the deck with my neighbor and friends. It was so cool to have snow more then 1 month before everyone else and especial to go sledding.

My biggest goal for having this snow making machine was to have snow on Christmas for my family because as you know, down here in Long Island, we usually don’t have any snow for Christmas. There was only 10 days until Christmas. There was some snow in the forecast but not a lot. I wanted to start to put a snow cover down for Christmas and get a head start.

That night the temperature had gone down to 12 degrees but it was a school night and I hadn’t made snow on a school night yet because I would be tired for the school day. I woke up every 2 hours that night to make sure that is was working good and at 5:30am I woke up to shut it down before I went to school. It had made 16 inches that night and it was going to be cold again the following night.

That afternoon I started it up a 3:00pm just after school and it ran all night. I had to keep waking up every 2 hours. After I was all done at 5:30am the next day I had measured the snow and I needed 2 yard sticks because it was 50 inches deep (made 34inches).

I thought that my sisters and I could definitely go sledding on Christmas. Later that day, I went to check the forecast and it said that it was going to rain on Long Island and be icing in Connecticut. This wasn’t good for all the snow I just made. It had rained and that put a big dent into my snow cover for Christmas but like always, I never give up. It had gotten down to 23 degrees so I decided to try to put a little bit more snow down.

I got all of the machinery ready, turned it on and the pressure washer didn’t work. I was so mad that the pump had busted. I didn’t have enough money to get a new pressure washer but luckily I have really great grandparents. They bought me a really nice Karcher pressure washer. It was stronger and more reliable.

There was only 4 days until Christmas. It was going to go down into the high teens so at 8:00pm I started it up. It ran all night and it put down 10 more inches which was good to see. That next, night only 3 days until Christmas, it was only 20 degrees. It ran from 6:00pm to 5:45am. It had put down a good 12 or more inches.

My base for sledding was very high now. It was about 40inches deep so my sisters and I went sledding from that morning until Christmas day. On Christmas Eve day I went sledding all day from when I woke up until dark. It had gotten up to 52 degrees that day so a lot of snow had melted but it was still sled able.

People on the 24th had gone by looking at my yard because it was 50 degrees, no snow anywhere, until you get to my snowy sled run (which had shrunk 10 inches that day due to the temperature that day). It was Christmas day and it was supposed to rain that afternoon but the morning was going to be good.

The night before, the temperature went down to 28degrees which iced the run up so I would go very fast until it warmed up. I haven’t had any kind of snow for Christmas since I was 5 and I don’t even remember that. Thanks to the SG4 my sisters and I were able to have snow and sled on it for Christmas day.

 Thanks you so much, from Andrew Cassel


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