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Nick Zachara, Summit, New Jersey

2012/2013 Photo Contest winner see all of Nicks photos here under "Contest Winners Photos"



Here is my story: After a very rough 2011-12 season in New Jersey, I figured I need to amp things up this winter. I was determined to make as much snow as I possibly could. I ran the system for a test in early November and all was working well. I didn't make snow again until January, the first year that I have never made snow in December. Things really started to pick up in January, with a few cold nights in the beginning of the month. Then came the cold snap. 8 days in a row with single digit lows. I made the more snow than I knew what to do with! When the snap finally ended, the pile was 78 inches deep; taller than me! And with that end to the cold snap came the end to my trustee air compressor, shutting me down for the remainder of the season, but with enough snow to last me until mid march, despite the numerous rain storms mother nature sent to New Jersey. Here are 8 pictures that best represent my season, from early November to the monster snow pile my friends and I deemed the "Zoid" after we shaped the pile into a 5 sided, multi feature/jib playground. I hope you enjoy!


Nick Zachara
Summit, NJ


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