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The Hart Family, Lincoln, New Hampshire

2012/2013 Video Contest winner



Snow at home contest (2013)

First of all, We have to start with thanking Snow At Home for making this season the best season of our park ever. Without our Snow gun the days we would have skied our park would have been limited. it made a huge impact on our park, which is known as Park 9.
               We discovered the SnowAtHome website last year,which was easily the worst year ever of Park 9. We had to rely entirely on mother nature, who refused to provide us with enough snow to even ski one feature! We spent hours carrying snow from the snowbanks and whatever piles we could find around the house. And that was not fun at all. In total, we probably spent about 95% of our time building and moving snow last year.
               We knew then that we could no longer rely on mother nature and that we had to take matters into our hands. And that was when the idea of getting a snow gun occurred to us. We’d seen real ski mountains do it, so we figured why couldn’t we? It took us about fifteen minutes to find the snow at home website and we were shocked at how cheap the Snopro model was. But unfortunately for us, it was sold out for the season.
               All summer we waited for when it would be back in stock. Every few days we would check the website and also would repeatedly watch the previous contest winners videos.
               And then it came. Christmas morning was the best it had been ever. We now owned a snow gun! The next day we fired it up, and layed down about seven inches in our park during an eight hour window. We had covered our park in eight hours! We already had more snow in the park then we did last year all season! As you can imagine, we were pretty pumped. But we sure didn’t stop there. Oh no. Why would you? All week we cranked out more and more snow, building features and skiing places we hadn’t skied on before. By the time weekend came, we had twenty inches on the ground, our box was ready to go, we had put in the new pvc rail we had built and were working on a jump. Mother nature was officially fired (As long as she still gave us cold temps).
               So again, thank you Snow At Home for the best season ever! Next year, I’m thinking we should get the SG6 for our Park.....


From the guys (and girl) at Park 9,
Rich and Will Hart (and lizzie)   
(Lincoln, NH)
(P.S: Hope you like our video!)


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