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Zachara Family, Summit New Jersey

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Zachara Family

Dear Matt and the rest of Snow at Home,

Here are a bunch of pictures that I have taken this winter I can send you the PDF if you would lke to put them in order if not its fine. If you could also say this " 

  1. Snowmaking Season
  2. First snowmaking: December 10th, 2009
  3. 12 days of snowmaking
  4. Approximately 54 inches of manmade snow
  5. 42 total hours of snowmaking
  6. Average wet-bulb: 23.5℉
  7. Last snowmaking: February 1st, 2010


2nd Last Snowmaking

  1. One last snowmaking on MARCH 27th, 2010.
  2. 1 hour and 45 minutes
  3. 3 inches
  4. One day of skiing
  5. Wet bulb temp. 28℉
  6. Actual temp. 34℉

I really apprectaite all of your help this season and look foward to the next.
Nick Zachara, Summit, NJ


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Missed the Contest?

If you did not get your photos and stories together in time for this year, be sure and put them aside for next years contest.


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