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Kirby Johnson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Kirby Johnson 0910 contest entry



All of the snow was made with a SG7 gun and a 6 gallon electric pump from snow at home. The snow was made over a 6 day period. We did receive a two inch snow during the making, but as you can see in the pictures it was very little. The “ski/sled/jump/bobsled hill” is 250’ by 100’.  The take off ramp at the top has tunnels and a room inside and is ten feet tall. The two jump hills were 13’ tall before we sculpted the hill. There was  a two foot base throughout the hill. Standing at the bottom of the hill was a snowman making area for the little ones , we piled snow 6’ tall there in a 300 square area. The right hand side was the bobsled run with a tunnel, some of the bank turns were over 6’ tall. The middle of the run had a ski jump and toboggan run. The left side had a nice ski jump. We also had a fire pit to the far left hand side. We had snow on the ground thru march, all natural snow was gone in early febuary. I will send more pictures on separate email so that the mail gets to you.

Thank you,
Kirby Johnson



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