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The Norris Family, Raleigh North Carolina

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by the Norris Family


       Hello there!  My name is Mayzie.  I am 5 years old and I want to tell you a story that is quite amazing --

I live in Raleigh, NC and I believe I have a tale that no one can top because it was created by my very own Mom & Pop.

  I think I should share some local snow facts to emphasize the magnitude of our home made snow stacks.

   My oldest sister, she is eleven, tells of the “BIG ONE” that dumped 20 inches of snow in two thousand and one. 

She also talks of the smaller snows of ‘02 and ’03 which were fun but only to a slight degree.

 She speaks of the small snow in ‘04, the year I was born, with much sadness because there has been no more -- except maybe a dusting -- not even enough to cover the floor.

        Now, in 2006, my father discovered who seemed to think they had a fix for this lack of snow out here in the sticks. He took their advice and their free snow gun plan and produced a snow that would please any snowman.

Of course in  ‘07, we had the bad drought so there would be no snow making about.

 Ok -- now we have brought you up to date and our story moves into the fall of 2008.

 My dad invested in our happiness by buying the SG6 and adding a heavy duty electric pump to the mix.

  It did not take long and we had created two snows that left me completely elated.

Both were over one foot that covered our hill, one in November and one in December, for a terrific sledding thrill.
 I hope I am not boring you but this is where my story will impress through and through.

 My 5th birthday party was set for the 17th day of January and  I hoped for a party that would blow my friends away. I had dreams of a Snow Party but we would need the snow to be hearty.

  The stars aligned, the temperature fell, the humidity dropped allowing the snow to excel.

On the 15that 6:30pm the snow started to blow from our SG6 illuminated by its LED glow.

 The snow blew outstrong and fast and accumulated at a rate that could not be surpassed. Realizing we could do something great we did not stop and made snow for 42 hours straight.

We covered our 75 foot long slope in 2 feet and more of white powdery hope. We made a huge pile of snow at the top of our run just for good measure which by the way added to our sledding pleasure.

 LED rope lights were hung up in the sky in hopes of perfecting our late night sledding slopes.

 I probably do not need to tell you the rest but no one dare miss this snowy birthday party quest.

Everyone who came had a strong sense that  this wonderful gathering of family and friends could be intense. Outside the snow was deep and fast and inside there was cake, hot chocolate and a warm fire for those who needed a break. 

I saw a 2 year old go down our hill with a delightful scream of pure thrill. Then I saw my 70 year old grandmother take the hill on top of her sled with out a spill.

As I sat and watched the funI thought how could this be and then I realized his was not all about me. Everyone was having an old time blast like there must have been in the past. 

At least for today,we  were able to leave behind our electronics and tv and no one seemed to mind. For our snow had created an old fashion family attraction that allowed everyone to enjoy each other with no distraction. 

This snow will melt away but our memories will last forever. 

         Many thanks to all of you at SnowatHome,
         The Norris family


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