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The Postar Family, Lubbock, Texas

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My name is Michael Postar and I live in Lubbock Texas, which is located in the upper part of Texas.   We do get cold temperatures be not much snow.  It’s been 15 plus years since we have received a good snow.

In 2004 my wife and I had triplets.  Three wonderful, healthy, kicking, spitting, fighting boys.  They are 100% boys!!  Boys with lots of energy.

I loved playing in the snow growing up and knew that they were missing out with special times in their lives not being able to make snowmen and snow forts.  I researched hours and hours for snow makers and came to the conclusion that Snow at Home is what I needed. (I was correct)

I wanted to make the most snow at I could possible in the shortest amount of time (since it usually only gets below 27 degrees once the sun goes down.)  I purchased the SG7 package with the largest of snowmaker, water pump, and air compressor.  I wanted to make a lot of snow… I had it in my head there was going to be a lot… but WOW !!  I did not expect the amount I made. (I will get to that in a second).

After setting up and starting the snow machine around 12:00 at night (again it does not get cold until after dark here) my wife and I were acting like little kids waiting for Christmas to arrive.  With the anxious feeling of butter flies in our stomachs we could hardly go to bed knowing that snow was being made.  We told the boys that Dad had a snow machine and that tomorrow we could play in the snow… but since they had never seen snow before they did not know what snow was and feel right asleep.  (The boys sleeping through the night before a snow day would soon end !)

As I woke up at 4:30 in the morning anxious to check out what I had made I came to realization that I had purchased the correct snow maker to make the most snow possible. It was deep,  really, really deep and I had many hours left.  As I went back to bed my wife Lori did not believe me and went running to the window.  All I got from her was a look of amazement, and than a thought of “The neighbors are going to think were are complete genius or nuts.  “A little of both I think”.

The next morning we had made 19” inches of snow.  That is a lot of snow for only7-8 hours. 
The boys woke up and looked out the window and It looked like Christmas time.  We had icicles off the roof, our Christmas lights on, and snowman inflatables playing Christmas music. We made snowmen for the first time, formed snow angles, and had a mini snowball fight.  Thank you snow at home for providing us with this remarkable gift. 

We went on and made snow 3 more times (each time with just as much snow).  We made an Igloo, more snow men, and a hill we could slide down on.


Thank you again Snow at Home.

Michael & Lori Postar
Dalton, Brent, Cole (age 4.5 years)

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