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The McAfee's, Gainesville FL


Who say's it can't snow in Florida?!  It certainly did for 2 days in January of 2008 in Gainesville, FL over Christmas break!  We Got 4 inches!!!!   We'd  been waiting for the temperature and the humidity to get on the "same page", so to say, then it happened!  My Husband, Don, got up every hour to check the temp and at about 3:30a.m. everything was JUST he started up the SG4 and began making snow.....I don't know who was more excited him or our children, Zach (8) and Josh (7).  We travel quite a bit, but our children have never seen this was a really big deal....we called all of our neighbors and the grandparents at 7 in the morning and made it a "special event" with hot cocoa and breakfast! Everyone had a great time....even the parents were playing in the snow!  My husband went out last month and bought a much bigger compressor for next year.......he wants to triple the amount of snow Florida gets!!!!  Thanks for the SG4....our family (and neighbors) love it!

Donna McAfee
Gainesville, FL

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