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Bruce Peltier, Granby MA


Hey Snow at Home gang,

I purchased your SG7 snow maker & 6 gpm snowmaking pump at the beginning of December 2007 and started making snow right away, I couldn't believe how much snow this gun could make in one night. I started a pile by my shed while I was waiting for my 200 foot pressure hose to be delivered, I had to stop when I couldn't get into my shed anymore, that was only a 12 foot pile. I started making, The Pile, on December 7, 2007. It got off to a slow start the first couple of days and the rest is history. As The Pile grew & grew, we would notice cars slowing down and even stopping as they passed by my house, to look and gaze at, The Pile, which is 300 feet from the road. I actually had people pull in the driveway to ask me what The Pile in the backyard was all about. The summit reached a height of 43 feet and the base was 81 feet wide by the end of February. My son and his friends had a blast sliding & climbing on, As of today March 31, 2008, The Pile is still a respectable 32 feet at the summit. I anticipate The Pile will be around until the middle of May.

FYI, we had two avalanches this season, and the second one could have buried someone alive. Until next year.

Sincerly, (The Pile Guy) Bruce Peltier

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