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Andrew Cassel, Long Island NY



I can’t explain how much I love making snow. I have had my snow machine for 3 winters now and made over 100 ft of snow. When I first bought my snow machine at age 12 I never thought I would be making as much snow as I do these days. Overall this winter was great, I had snow for almost everyday, I even had some when I was mowing the lawn. My friends and I set up sweet jumps and rails. Every weekend we would have competitions on the trail for best trick, worst wipe outs and craziest move. During the peek of the season I have a 2 ft base with a table top a box and a rail. Even thought in January we had 60 deg temp, it just made it feel like spring skiing. I had been making tons of snow the first half of the winter but in February something happened. It was 15degrees out I woke up to check the snow machine and there was no air just a thick sheet of ice on the snow. My first thought was “ohh” just a freeze up but that wasn’t the case, my compressor had busted. I was so mad because I was about to miss the coldest week of the winter. Lucky I had been working all fall and winter so I spent some of that money to purchase a new compressor. Unfortunately the compressor didn’t come until it was warm again. I had a nice terrain park set up but the warmth and rain put a damper on that and I had to start from scratch again that just half the fun for us.  My friends and I all want to say thanks to SAH and Mother Nature for providing some awesome snow making and skiing/boarding days. We can’t wait until next winter hope to have an SG7.

Andrew Cassel and Boarding Buddies

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